Curriculum Leadership


If you are wanting to invest in your leaders, or you want to invest in yourself as a leader, then look no further.  Curriculum Matters supports developing the necessary curriculum expertise.  Leadership training, coaching and mentoring is available for senior leaders with curriculum responsibilities and leaders of curriculum subjects.  And have you ever considered outsourcing your staff mentoring?  Curriculum Matters has options for that too along with providing leader-to-leader support within and across schools and academies.  And if time is of the essence and you need a leadership solution now for a specific subject area, Curriculum Matters can also help here.

If you want to know how to maximise your time by doing less to achieve more then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Curriculum Review


If you are looking for independent additional capacity to review your current position and identfy areas for improvement then you have come to the right place.  Curriculum Matters offers five such programmes, available at both school/academy and subject level:

  • Curriculum Review
  • Assessment Review
  • Staffing Review
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • School Improvement Review

Each review includes the outcome of collating all available evidence to produce a report custom to your multi-academy trust/school/academy that identifies future areas for development.

Curriculum Development


Curriculum Matters can work with you on a bespoke curriculum matter depending on your identified improvement priorites.  Development work completed to date has included:

  • Progressive curriculum sequencing linked to cognitive development
  • Intelligent curriculum interleaving across subjects to promote learning
  • Introducing use of the Standards Model for Key Stage 3 Assessment, linking Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4

If these are areas identified as improvement priorities in your multi-academy trust/school/academy then please do get in touch for more details.

Ready to continue the Curriculum Conversation?

Here at Curriculum Matters we love to talk about the curriculum.  We believe that when the curriculum is right everything else will fall into place.  The curriculum is our daily lived experience, and our experiences shape who we are.  As leaders we create the curriculum everyday for students and teachers.  If you share our view that the curriculum matters then please do get in touch.

“Thank you Jo and for all that you have done this year – it is greatly appreciated.”

Mary Pope, Deputy Headteacher

“Thanks for all of your support Jo, it really has helped to accelerate everything in a forwards direction.”

Dr Jane Tinker, Headteacher

“Thanks for all your work on this, I very much appreciate it. You’ve given us the impetus of fresh ideas that we sorely needed.

If we need further help, you will definitely be the person we will be in touch with, you can count on that.”

Sophy Bellis, Headteacher